Web Console

PrimetexT is a web service which allows users within an organisation to send and receive text messages to and from a PC using a standard browser.

To the PC user, it presents a familiar interface, modelled on a typical email package. Messages are stored in familiar folders (Inbox, Sent, etc). Just like an email system, it allows users to create groups of users, and to send a message to a whole group with a single click. As well as text messages, it can also be used to send messages to other PC PrimetexT users, creating an internal "chat" service.

For mobile PrimetexT users, they can send a text message into the organisation, either to an individual, to a group, or as a reply to a message they have received.
Because PrimetexT runs as a managed service, there is no equipment or software to be installed.

Worldwide over 1 billion phones are able to send and receive SMS messages and billions of messages are being sent – so it’s familiar, people understand it, they see it working all around them – they trust it as a communications channel because it works. PrimetexT constantly liaises with the major networks and aggregators to ensure that the delivery rate for PrimetexT messages exceeds the norm for the industry, with full audit trails available.

For a new customer the fact that PrimetexT is already working with a wide range of clients across industry sectors has to be a major benefit. Reference customers can reassure prospective PrimetexT licensees that the solution “does what it says on the tin”. It’s simple to set up and use. Users need no special equipment other than an Internet browser, an access to the Internet and will have no trouble learning how to use PrimetexT. The user interface has been modelled on a typical email package since this is the way of working that most people are now familiar with.

For mobile PrimetexT users, they can send a text message into the organisation, either to an individual, to a group, or as a reply to an outbound message.

Where PrimetexT comes into its own is when you need to get information to your staff fast. If you have remote workers, or staff that are travelling without a PC and only have a mobile phone with them sending a text message has all of the benefits of email, but instantly. PrimetexT has the added benefit that it’s easy to see if any messages have not been delivered for any reason, and remedial action can be taken to ensure that everyone gets the message. If you’re a retailer who needs to organise a product recall – could you guarantee to do it quicker? If you need a fast response then the benefits are doubled! PrimetexT will save you money – we’re convinced of that.

Even if you want to communicate with a single mobile individual your business could end up paying for 3 calls.

Many calls to mobiles cannot complete because the phone is either switched off or out of coverage. In these situations, the caller usually leaves a voice mail and often the cost is that of 3 phone calls ! Yes, the original call to the mobile, the call to pick up the voice mail and finally the call back. Now imagine trying to reach 10 people or a 100. Sending a text message costs a maximum of 10p (depending on volume), regardless of whether the message is to a UK user, or anywhere in the world.